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:damphyr:Life Is Not Measured By The Breaths We Take But By The Moments That Take Our Breath

Cosplay Group - Cumph-Cosplay

:bulletwhite:Photographers: Dead-Melon/CosFever/Phil-Chan/Em-Zone/KSD-Photography
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The Year 2013 And Counting

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 3, 2013, 6:57 AM


So far this year has been non stop making commissions after my contract ended at GAME late February, I have broken my old sewing machine with the amount of sewing I have had to do. I've gained lots of experience using worbla for armour making as well as new sewing techniques for different types of fabrics I've had to use to meet customers needs.
A lot of MLP fans have come to me and asked for all sorts of cosplay and I have had a few anime fans too, it's been a great experience learning how to deal with customers and coming up with some original designs and ideas. Although I have enjoyed it I would say to anyone starting out doing cosplay commissions is to be prepared for really dumb and simple questions to be asked by customers, also remember there are some horrible people out there that will say something's that can put you down but so long as you cover your ass and stick to a policy it will be fine.

That being said, I am now opening up my own etsy shop: CosplayTreats where I will be putting most of the random cosplay things I make or one of a kind costumes. I will also sell my costumes on there and my own stock when I make enough.

BUCKCon 2013
Was awesome, it was our first time vendoring and we managed to make a huge profit, gain over 70 commissions, win the cosplay competition for best craftsmanship and overall cosplay, party hard and drink lots. A big thank you too all the staff and security who helped us so much with various things and to Yami for being a fantastic host at the cosplay catwalk. Which Half-Pint-Hero and I went to as Luna and Celestia. We wore our heelless heels for the whole Con, which I am very proud of.
The four of us who put so much effort and hard work into making all the merchandise to sell at the con have decided to make a little business called:

"The Goodie Wagon" which is all under work in progress at the moment as we are just doing the finishing touches to all the websites we are opening, but we are going to be selling a range of things such as:

Cosplay Clothing, Sweaters, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Cosplay Accessories, Helmets, Armour, Weapons, Plushies, OC Plushies, Artwork, Phone Cozys, Bracelets and Jewellery, Bottle Openers, Badges, Key rings, Glasses, Ears and Tails, Stickers and much, much more.

We take commissions for nearly everything so don't hesitate to ask!
Contact us at

You can also find us and follow us here:
Tumbler: Tumblr - TheGoodieWagon
Etsy: TheGoodieWagon
StoreEnvy: TheGoodieWagon
Facebook: *Coming soon*

The 4 Behind it all   black-kitty-cat1   Half-Pint-Hero   BatteryPoweredMonkey   Kigredori

ReCon has come and gone so fast, this year we did it in style as Fran and Balthier from Final Fantasy 12, it was a bit rush to finish the costumes but Jordan helped out a lot and I'm amazed of how quickly he caught on! We entered the cosplay competition but didn't win anything but it was nice to see lots of old and new faces. It was a weird experience walking practically half naked with my bum out walking to the little con, having to go through a massive shopping centre and high street, but it was fun non the less.
And even though I had heels on I still felt really short!
Sky Pirates by black-kitty-cat1 Balthier by black-kitty-cat1 Aim by black-kitty-cat1

Life Is Not Measured By The Breaths We Take But By The Moments That Take Our Breath
~ Skys the Limit ~

London October Expo 2012
Here Is what I will be cosplaying this year:
:bulletwhite: Friday - Vaporeon RPG Gijinka from Pokemon
:bulletwhite: Saturday - Miku Hatsune Append
:bulletwhite: Sunday - Sayaka Miki from PMMM (Madoka)

I'm very excited to be making my Vaporeon, It's very detailed with lots of jewels and sequins! I have gotten my friend Blue to style my wig, it is going to be dark blue at the top going through a gradient all the way down to the tips being a light blue to give the affect of "water" colours. I also have a big headdress to go with the wig and a staff that I have taken inspiration from Final Fantasy 10 - Yuna's Staffs! We have also purchased some evolution stones for our respective characters made from resin with water/fire/lighting symbols in them.
My Miku outfit is from the append look, which if you haven't seen it is very futuristic and lights up (two of my favourite things) I will also have the help from SleepyPony and  Spyker, who are going to help make some adjustable, moving wings that will be strapped to me.
Unfortunately I will have to buy my Sayaka cosplay due to the time limit. Its a basic enough outfit to make but I want to put more effort into my other costumes to make them more detailed! There are some nice enough outfits on the internet now a days so I don't mind buying this one. Blue is again helping me with the wig!


I have recently bought two male Dwarf Russian hamsters and a female Syrian hamster. I'm still trying to think of names but so far what I have is Cream or Vanilla for the female and for the 2 males, Dodge and Bullet or Ace and Spades or Scout and Sniper. Proving difficult to pick! But It was love at first sight, I had to buy all three, if I could I would have bought all the hamsters in the pet shop along with the guinea pigs!

I also have re applied for GAME as a temporary sales assistant over the winter till February again, Good news I got the job without having to be interviewed again which was a massive surprise! I'm super happy I managed to get back in and this time I will try my best to work at the best of my ability and hopefully secure a more permanent job for the future there to!
At the same time receiving my wonderful news, my friend Kigredori was told she had got the job at GAME in Stafford as well! Cheers all around. Much celebrating was done.
Speaking of Kigredori she has been a permanent resident at my house for a month and has just left to go home today, It feels odd her not being here but we have talked a lot about moving in together late next year as well as trip to Japan in April.

In other news BatteryPoweredMonkey and I have been going out for almost a year now, we are currently living together and everything has been going swimmingly, though we are bad influences on each other as we hype each other up about new games coming out and end up spending our money on games or merch!

My aim is to surprise and entertain
There is no limit to what we can do

thank you
:damphyr: Kitty

Upcoming Cosplays

:bulletwhite:Friday Vaporeon RPG Gijinka from Pokemon
:bulletwhite:Saturday Miku Hatsune Append
:bulletwhite:Sunday Sayaka Miki from PMMM

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